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Making progress possible

Woodfibre LNG is an LNG facility currently being planned and developed outside of Squamish, BC. Once operational, Woodfibre LNG will be the cleanest LNG facility in the world, providing hundreds of jobs over lifetime of the project.

The ambitious project needed a website to precede the start of its construction, relaying information on sustainability, safety, career opportunities, community engagement, and more. The West Harbour also continues to work with Woodfibre to create various infographics and related social and print materials.

Making progress possible

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"We worked with West Harbour on the design and development of our new website and their work far exceeded our expectations. We were offered helpful, professional insight and advice every step of the way, and the end product is a beautiful new website that is much more user friendly, responsive, and with many more exciting capabilities and features. Working with West Harbour was an absolute pleasure and we would gladly recommend them."
-Rebecca Scott, Woodfibre LNG