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A flexible, all-inclusive workplace

And-Co is a soon-to-be-launched development in downtown Vancouver’s Coal Harbour neighbourhood. Apart from its private and shared offices, the facility provides its patrons with an events/forum area, a wellness area and an on-site restaurant.

We provided And-Co with a website to showcase themselves as a modern and forward-thinking establishment. The website is synced with HubSpot, allowing contact submissions to automatically become leads, while also allowing And-Co’s staff to answer questions immediately through the website’s chat feature. An exclusive brokers-only area with interactive floor plans ties it all together.

And-Co B-roll image
"Working with The West Harbour has been a great experience. We've had excellent service — including very detail-oriented and customized work on our sites. I can tell they take pride in their work, and genuinely care about getting things done properly. Wade isn't shy about making recommendations, and being able to articulate a rationale behind his design ideas, but communications are always courteous, friendly and professional. Thanks for the great work!"
-Sylvia Rayner, And-Co