Contest Agreement & Requirements

Selection Criteria

Winning applicants are chosen by The West Harbour, Hops & Vines, Redshift Collective and Talemaker based on the criteria listed below. One organization will be selected to receive both a visual identity package and website. Each non-profit organization can submit only one entry for consideration in the contest.

Expected Timeline: Organizations should expect the brand identity portion of the project to range from 10-14 weeks and the website portion of the project to range from 10-16 weeks. Meetings will take place on Zoom, with the occasional in-person if applicable. Start date will be determined together with the contest winner.

Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • Non-Profit Status: Applicant is registered as a non-profit organization or has a clear social impact mission.
  • Mission Alignment: The organization’s mission and values align with causes that promote positive social change, community development, environmental sustainability, or similar impactful initiatives.
  • Active Operations: Applicant demonstrates active operations and a track record of making a tangible difference in their community or target cause area.
  • Clear Goals: Applicant articulates specific goals or objectives for enhancing their digital presence and how it will contribute to achieving their overall mission.
  • Current Brand & Web presence: Applicant is in need of a brand and website redesign due to dated or unsuitable current assets, or do not yet have some developed.

Applicant Requirements

  • Actively participate in the collaboration process, providing necessary information, feedback, and collaboration throughout the design project.
  • Grant permission for The West Harbour, Hops & Vines, Redshift Collective and Talemaker to feature their organization and project in promotional materials, case studies, and marketing efforts.
  • Commit to the project timeline agreed upon and participate in scheduled meetings or consultations. 

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