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We have an exciting new initiative launching at the end of 2012.
Please check back for more information as we announce what we have in store for Pakage lovers.


Over the summer, we were a part of a number of amazing events.
They will be added here shortly as we begin to simmer down...

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Sizing Chart

sizing chart


Weekend & Weekday: What's The Difference?



Sports a 1-inch waistband, slightly thinner fabric, loads of color combos - bring some fun colour to your weekdays. Don’t make this any old boring day with the same routine; instead, wake up, put on your favorite colour, maybe even match it with your outfit or just keep that little hidden token of personal comfort and style to yourself. Either way you will put these on and feel good all day, everyday.


Sports a 1.5-inch waistband, slightly thicker fabric, flashier style. Its a weekend, you’ve earned it, now enjoy it. With a slightly thicker fabric to be more durable for weekend activities, you could probably even wear one pair for the whole weekend. As well, with a 1.5-inch waistband and a bit flashier look, you can spice it up for those weekend nights.

Change Your Underwear & Change Lives

2012-09-26 21:39:45

peak tour poster

Change your underwear and Change Lives

A heart stopping amazing event that is quite likely the most remarkable thing that will be happening at these locations on this day.

A handful of independent Vancouver businesses are creating a donation drive for the Big Brothers and Women’s Shelters in Vancouver in a very unique manner.

The PeakFM radio has just changed their frequency from 100.5 to 102.7 and is challenging everyone to bring clothes, household items, toys, back to school goods and non perishable food items to one of 5 locations throughout the day.

in exchange for the donations people will be able to choose between a pair of the world's best men’s underwear from MyPakage (value $25.00) or a pair of sunglasses or reading glasses donated by Ryders from their sister company Suntech.

There will be games and prizes at each location. There will be sales and promotions.

for example:

Comor will be clearing out their bikes and previewing their winter line. Unity will have great items on sale. Everyone will have something special.

Enter to win the Grand Prize of a dream trip. You will get to choose between heli-skiing, taking your car to a race track, a beach fantasy and an European Vacation.

Join us for fun. Come to make a difference. Win some prizes. Get some gear.

Twitter Contest!

2012-09-26 21:37:52

my pakage product boxes

Win 10 pairs of MyPakage!

We are launching a twitter contest right now with a chance to win 10 pairs of the world’s most comfortable underwear.

All you have to do is:

Tell us your best MyPakage quote and tag @MyPakage and #MyPakageMoments for a chance to win 10 pairs of underwear.

Contest starts Tuesday Sept.4th, 2012 and ends Monday Sept.10th, 2012. Winner will be chosen at random on Wednesday Sept.12. To win you must be following @MyPakage.


Recruiting for World Domination

2012-08-21 03:55:04

falling pairs

MyPakage Apparel Wins “Best Company in the WORLD” Award!

This is a headline that people will be reading one day. Having done plenty of research we’ve discovered that this award does not currently exist. Sure, there’s your “Fortune 500”, “Best Employers” and even your “Nobel Prize” winners but as far as we can tell there’s no “Best Company in the WORLD” award. Our vision is to be the first company to dominate each and every aspect of what it would take to be “Best Company in the WORLD” …which naturally we’d win. With this designation, our outstanding garments and the fact that we’re just a really rad crew – we will dominate the planet (we know you think we’re kidding…we’re not). You just may be the person we’re looking for to join us on this exceptional journey.

What would the “Best Company in the WORLD” look like? We’re not entirely sure since it hasn’t been done before, although we do have some pretty good ideas. What we do know for sure is that we’ll need to really put ourselves out there, get people to know who we are and be seen at cool events all over the world.

That’s why we are looking for the world’s best promotional team to join us on this adventure!

Who you are is someone who loves a great party, knows how to delivery a punch line, maybe make a great martini (maybe you’ve even been named after one) and essentially people love to talk to you. You’re the person who in a crowd of people shines out like a beaming ray of light. You know all about who we are as a company, what we want to deliver to people and how awesome our products are…and can communicate that very effectively to others.

Your areas of accountability will include:

Working at trade shows and industry events
Interacting with and engaging people at tradeshows/events
Handling financial transactions and a cash float (some events)

More about you:

You have an unwavering commitment to deliver MyPakage’s mission and ensure we’re set to win that award!
You are Self-Generative…ie, demonstrated ability to be accountable
You are able to communicate authentically
You must be able to play in a high performance team manner
You must love a politically incorrect environment

Email your details to jobs@mypakage.com to let us know why you’re the one we’ve been looking for.

MyPakage featured in Mutts & Co ~ Variety Store on Toronto West Side

2012-08-21 03:53:27

mutts co variety store

Our Summer pop up is just around the corner and what better way to spend your time, after an exhausting long weekend, indulging in a little retail therapy. Come by our Mutts & Co. ~ Variety Store and check out an array of Canadian brands in our one-stop shop. There will be something for everyone, including unisex fashions, jewellery, hand-made housewares, fair-trade goods, art and much more. For a full list of vendors please check out the Facebook event page. It is no secret we love to promote homegrown talent, for the very first time we will be showcasing a photo gallery in the back of the shop, featuring works by two Toronto photographers. Make sure you swing by our Launch Party on Thursday July 5th, from 6-11pm. We will be serving up musical beats by Para-sol (of Room Temperature), refreshments by Victoria Gin and Corona.

Time to Ditch the Tighty Whities

2012-08-21 03:50:37

tightie whities

It’s time to change the game. If you didn’t know this, the current economy can be defined by the number of underwear in a man’s drawer. Well, at least to some economists this is true. The Men’s Underwear Index (MUI) is an unconventional economic indicator which measure how the economy is performing based on the purchase of men’s underwear.

Briefly, here is the theory according to the Washington Post:

Here’s the theory, briefly: Sales of men’s underwear typically are stable because they rank as a necessity. But during times of severe financial strain, men will try to stretch the time between buying new pairs, causing underwear sales to dip.

“It’s a prolonged purchase,” said Marshal Cohen, senior analyst with the consumer research firm NPD Group. “It’s like trying to drive your car an extra 10,000 miles.”

The growth in sales of men’s underwear began to slow last year as the recession took hold, according to Mintel, another research firm. This year, Mintel expects sales to fall 2.3 percent, the first drop since the company started collecting data in 2003.

The logic behind the MUI is because men’s underwear is regarded as a necessity, not a luxury. When sales are steady and men are purchasing luxury underwear instead of the single pair or the multi-pack, the economy is performing well. When sales dip the necessity becomes a luxury. So few people ever see men’s underpants, so this is the first thing men stop buying in a down economy.

Some say that men wear the pants in a relationship, chances are, they didn’t buy them. Research shows that men shop for underwear for only seventeen years of their lives. The rest of the time the duty falls upon the shoulders of their mothers, wives and on occasion, girlfriend.

Most men buy underpants only if they are starting or about to start a relationship. The findings show that super tightie whities are the most popular purchase by men aged between 19 and 26, boxers for those between 26 and 33, and the Y-fronts for the over 33 year olds.

If a man buys more that 31 pairs in a year, he’s either desperately trying to impress the woman in his life or else, she’s not the “one”

As Time Moneyland states:

Regardless of how frequently men are purchasing new tightie whities, there are some very interesting items that consumers are buying more of during the recession—an interesting list that includes condoms, donuts, fast food, and smartphones.

To save money, a guy chooses not to go out for a steak dinner with his friends anymore. And when he goes out, the regular four pints drops down to two pints. And, he hasn’t bought a new pair of underwear in over six months.

“It’s a prolonged purchase,” said Marshal Cohen, senior analyst with the consumer research company NPD Group.

“It’s like trying to drive your car an extra 10,000 miles,” he added.

Don’t be that guy. The economy is good, it’s time to change your underwear.

Our Story

weight lifter model

Time to Change your Underwear.

While blindly stumbling through the world of uncertainty with the only constant being change, we sat down and asked ourselves why hasn’t anyone developed a better way to support men’s assets?

We set out to change the way men wear underwear…..

After a long development MyPakage is committed to building the best waist down to skin garments in the world. They are constructed to have an amazing fit, the best support and above all to be the most comfortable pair of underwear you will ever put on.



Hand stitched zones with expanding seams ensured a tailored, ergonomic fit for all body types. While flat locked stitching creates a virtually seamless feel in sensitive areas.

Keyhole Comfort Technology

Our patented KeyHole Comfort Technology™ creates the best and most comfotable underwear experience for men. The 3-dimensional internal pouch provides both unparalleled support and comfort. By cradling the male package, our KeyHole Comfort Technology™ allows absolute freedom and eliminates the need for any shifting and adjusting.


MyPakage garments use a special blend of Modal (93%) and Spandex (7%). This fabric is 50% more moisture absorbing than Cotton while still being incredibly breathable. By using some of the most progressive fabric combinations, your PKG underwear will never shrink and stay wrinkle-free. The other fabric advantages are its resistance to pilling due to friction and its ability to remain incredibly soft.


Our Entourage

Please pick a sport:


  • Marty Halmazna
  • Guy Giroux
  • Reagan Sieg
  • Jeff Fehr
  • Kyle Beaton
  • Ryan Gauld
  • Colton Facciotti


  • Daniel Wesley


  • Brian Grubb
  • Kevin Henshaw
  • Chad Sharpe


  • Andrew Burns
  • Jesmond Dubeau
  • Jody Wachniak
  • Craig Beaulieu
  • Kevin Griffin


  • Sean Lowe
  • Chad Dickson


  • Logan Landry

Mountain Bike

  • Casey Groves
  • Geoff Gulevich
  • Jarrett Moore
  • Jeremy Weiss


  • Chris Wettengel


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